Are you part of a sports association, a society, a club as an educator or board member?

This pressure to organise a structured trip is healthy: you are challenging yourself and reassuring your board and future participants.

However, some questions remain.

What could I have forgotten on my to-do list? What can I learn from my experience? How do I proceed with a limited budget? How can I satisfy the players and their parents?

Here are some of the first answers.

How do I organise a sports trip?

There is a long list of things to consider: transport, accommodation, food, budget, programme…

First of all, you need to make a list of everything. An Excel spreadsheet for backward planning will be your perfect ally.

How to plan your sports trip?

You can be a beginner or an experienced organiser. Your association, institution or organisation may have organised sports trips in the past for other club teams: you can build on these experiences and ask questions. If not, pick up the phone and ask your friends and colleagues for advice.

How to finance a special sports trip?

As you have already realised, you cannot improvise a budget for a sports trip. Contributions, public or private donations, own funds, loans, exceptional donations: solutions exist, but they are not easy to manage. Participatory financing is also an idea to consider. Most of clubs do fundraising during the year before going on tour. To get some sponsors in your town or area is always a good idea to bring money in the club !

What are good fundraisers for sports teams?

When should you go on a sports trip in France or abroad?

It depends on the type of training: indoor or outdoor. The proximity of the accommodation will facilitate transfers, which can be done on foot, except for the transfer of certain teams. Secondly, this is important: is it more at the beginning or end of the season?

A bus or minibus will make things easier, but will pose problems of drivers, breaks, replacements, insurance and parking. Using minibuses gives the team a maximum of freedom while being on tour.

Foreign minors need a permit to leave the country. Language, regulation and insurance issues should also be resolved. As well as the obligatory identity documents to be presented at the borders or at the airports in the case of air travel.

How do you do sports in winter?

Yes, winter brings some complications. Firstly, driving may require equipment such as chains or winter tyres. For athletes, it means having warm clothing and equipment that they can wear, wash, dry, etc. And what about outdoor conditions that weaken the body? A winter course in a warm country like Portugal or Spain is a solution.

What travel luggage do you recommend for athletes?

Transporting a kayak, paddle or horse does not require the same logistics as transporting a packet of balls. In addition to the equipment, you will also need to think about training and sports clothes, secondary equipment and even cleaning products. Sport shoes, team jersey or jacket are essential! And depending on the number of participants, the logistics quickly become substantial. When flying, it is best to take a large bag in which the team will put all the shirts and shorts. Only one piece of luggage in the hold will be paid for.

Which agency should you contact to organise a sports trip?

A specialised agency can help you organise a sports trip or training course. Since 2005, institutions and clubs have simply entrusted the management to an agency like ComeOn Sport.

ComeOn Sport specializes in organizing all-inclusive sports trips.

You can reach them on +33 (0) 4 56 25 21 70.

Like a travel agency, we can organise a trip, including a sports trip.

Multi-sport holidays with ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours

Whether it’s during the school holidays, whatever the season, or during the rest of the year, at the weekend, we can organise your sports holidays and end-of-season trips. And the icing on the cake is a friendly match with an on-site team.

Whatever sport you practice: hiking, trekking, mountain biking, trail running, rugby, football, basketball, running, water sports, climbing…

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